TV Show “BostonMed” fined for data breach! PHI on New Apple products

Unauthorized Disclosure of Patients’ Protected Health Information During “Boston Med” Filming Results in Multiple HIPAA Settlements Totaling $999,000

Not even Hollywood is immune to HIPAA regulation. PHI was compromised by inviting film crews on premises to film “Boston Med,” an ABC television network documentary series, without first obtaining authorization from patients.  Each entity will also provide workforce training as part of a corrective action plan that will include OCR’s guidance on disclosures to film and media.  Read OCR’s full report.

PHI on Apple products

One of the biggest announcements that Apple made was about Apple Watch Series 4. It is now on the road to being a legitimate health device.  Apple Watch Series 4 is capable of generating an ECG similar to a single-lead electrocardiogram. All your heart data, as well as information from your health and fitness apps, is collected in your iPhone Health app.