Two New HIPAA Training Courses

We Have Lift-Off!

ProHIPAA is very excited to introduce two new HIPAA training courses to protect your Legacy. We have created two new ProHIPAA training courses with real life scenarios and new content. And for the first time we have a ProHIPAA training course for Leaders.

Here is a quick rundown of each course:


This HIPAA Training course is designed for professionals responsible for data privacy & compliance.

You will  learn why PHI is so valuable to cyber-criminals and outline your responsibilities in the event of a data breach. You’ll gain insight on how to protect your patients and the legacy of your business.

Intended for

  • Privacy Officers
  • Practice Administrators
  • Business Associates

“Both of these new courses signifies our commitment not only to our current customers but our B2B customers. We are very excited to help our customers become the Hero of their HIPAA Stories.” – Dawn Van Buskirk, COO ProHIPAA

So what else is new?

Not only are we expanding our training we are also adding additional services . We now offer a 15 minute complementary Risk Review. During these reviews you will talk to a compliance expert and review your compliance risk.

Schedule your complimentary risk review today!

Why you need a GUIDE and not just a COACH

Having a Compliance guide instead of a coach helps YOU Win with HIPAA compliance and data security. You need someone to take you thru the journey so you know your level of risk and what you need to do in order to meet the government requirements.

“Our motto is simple. We solve your HIPAA Compliance and Security Risk Because your Legacy Matters.” – Rob Van Buskirk, CEO ProHIPAA